Easy, automated medical billing.

So you can focus on what’s important: caring for your patients.

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Our billers sleep, but our software doesn’t

We get you paid faster by submitting claims, following up with insurance companies, and appealing denied claims 24 hours a day.

Say goodbye to repeat denials

We use AI to learn insurance submission rules in real-time, so we never make the same mistake twice.

HIPAA Compliant

We undergo regular HIPAA audits by industry-leading security experts to protect your patients’ security and privacy. Nothing is more important to us.

Unprecedented access to data

Billing insurance without analyzing data is like treating a patient without taking their vitals. We give you the raw data + analytics tools you need to run a data-driven company.

Integrates with your existing EMR

We make setup easy, whether you’re adding our simple API to a home-built EMR or integrating with something off-the-shelf.

Built for startups.

Like you, we run on data. We speak Segment, not SMTP.

If you’re new to billing insurance, we can provide the resources you need to get up-and-running fast.

Using Candid Health allowed our founding team to build product. Their software took minutes to learn, and immediately started saving us time. Without their medical coding, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Carolyn Witte, Founder @ Tia

We're a Y Combinator-backed team of billing and technology veterans from

And we’re backed by top VC firms in the technology industry

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