Seamlessly integrate into your tech stack

Revenue cycle software built for the modern digital health tech stack.
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Less development work
Save engineering time by integrating with your favorite products out-of-the-box.
Future-proof any tech stack
Data flows easily in and out — work with your existing or future tech stack without friction.
Reliability at your fingertips
Our API-first product is dependable and easy to work with for engineering and product teams.
Modern API

APIs built for scale

Candid Health APIs are well-supported and well-documented, and equip you to scale your product without limitations or friction. Get the extensibility you’ve always wanted.

Pre-built integrations

Extend your existing software stack

Our out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to integrate Candid Health with your existing tech stack. Save on development time and costs while delivering the best product and patient experience.


Support built to empower

Get full access to API docs and the Candid Support Center while a dedicated team guides you through the onboarding and integrations journey. Expertise and support are at your fingertips.

Make billing insurance our problem. Not yours.
The revenue cycle automation platform for fast-growing healthcare providers—large and small.
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