Effortlessly scale your revenue

Spend more time on needle-moving tasks and less time manually fixing recurring issues.
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Reduce cost to collect
Automation prevents errors from happening the first time around. Minimize manual work and unlock cost efficiency for your organization.
Scale your existing team
Unlock productivity with our automation. Fewer manual tasks means more time for high impact work.
Fewer issues, more revenue
New payer rules are reverse engineered around-the-clock to prevent claim issues. Increase your revenue faster with ease.
Out-of-the-box rules

Payer-specific rules ready for you

We do the grunt work for you. As our data on how and where to send claims grows, Candid Health reverse-engineers payer-specific rules. Get paid faster with less manual intervention.

Feature Spotlight: Smart payer routing

The Candid Health platform ships with built-in payer routing rules to handle carve outs and other payer-specific routing requirements, and we're constantly reverse-engineering new payer routing rules so that you don't have to.

24/7 claim monitoring

Auto-correct your claims

The Candid Health platform monitors claims 24/7 by validating all of your billing data—from credentialing to provider information. With our rules engine, the data you send now is valid and up-to-date—at all times.

Feature Spotlight: Smart claim generation

Our rules engine can distinguish and automatically fix claims when payer requirements and IDs differ in contracts and credentialing data.

Configurable rules

Create your own rules

Impose custom business logic, add unique credentialing rules, enforce your own workflows, and more—all directly in the Candid Health configurable rules engine. Manage your claims at scale with control and precision.

Feature Spotlight: Smart policy adherence

Enforce your own medical coding policies directly in Candid Health. Trigger auto-hold on claims if CPT codes do not meet certain criteria.

Make billing insurance our problem. Not yours.
The revenue cycle automation platform for fast-growing healthcare providers—large and small.
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