Build the first healthcare financial operating system

Tackle one of the most fragmented and cumbersome segments in the U.S. healthcare system—payments.

Backed by the best

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We spend at least as much time with our coworkers as we do with our closest friends + family - if we intend to do the most important + challenging work of our lives, it’s important that these folks energize us, support us, inspire us, and push us to do our best work.

This is what you can expect of your teammates at Candid (in no particular order):

We put customers first
We take care of each other and ourselves
We strive to be the most prepared person in the room
We are candid, kind, and committed
We believe humility is our greatest strength
We collectively prioritize building a diverse and inclusive workspace
We are truth seekers
We anchor on outcomes and work relentlessly and creatively to achieve them

Rethinking medical billing from the ground up.

Today, healthcare providers spend over $250B each year on administrative overhead... that’s just to get paid by insurance. We are building software backed by world-class data science so healthcare providers can focus on scaling their services and products, and less on getting paid.

Come help us continue fuelling the next wave of digital health growth.
Patrick Green
Head of Sales
"I've been in Healthcare Tech for over a decade…Candid is at the top of my list for my favorite place I've worked. Joining this team was the best decision I've made in my career.”
Jessie Headrick
Head of Design
"If I'm going to spend the majority of my week with one group of people, I'm really thankful for the team here at Candid! This is a diverse set of individuals who are equally hard-working and kind.”
Thomas Baker
Software Engineer
"The team at Candid consists of some of the most competent, humble, and fun people I have ever worked with! I am always learning from them and love solving hard, cross-functional problems together."

Our journey

Candid Health Office


HQ & West Coast Offices Open
We open our San Francisco HQ office.
Y Combinator and Seed Funding
We begin our story by joining YC2020 and raise our seed round to kick start Candid Health.
Product Goes Live
The first Candid Health product (an API) is built and we begin working with our first customers.
Candid Health UI


v0 Rules Engine Release
The first generation of the Candid Health rules engine is born and leveraged by customers.
First Team Offsite
We kick-off our first team offsite (the first time people met in person since COVID-19!) in Denver, CO.
Team Growth
Our team continues to grow and we start offices in both New York and Denver.
Candid Health Customer Count Graph


Rapid Expansion
New customers onboard at high rates and we begin to grow our product and engineering teams.
Series A Funding
We raise our Series A round, led by First Round Capital.
Office Expansion
We grow our presence and open offices in New York City (we outgrew our NYC WeWork twice, going on thrice!), and Denver to support growth.
Want to contribute to the next stage of growth?
Join us to see what’s possible.

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